Turning waste into clean energy isn’t just an innovation…

Clean6 is a start-up British company that has developed a ground-breaking technology for small to medium sized businesses to manage waste and generate de-centralised energy.

The ambition is simple: to change the waste disposal and waste-to-energy industry forever. More affordable, more environmentally friendly, more efficient.

…It’s a revolutionary idea

Traditional waste disposal, recycling aside, involves two conventional solutions – landfill and/or incineration. The former can produce greenhouse gases such as methane, and leach toxic compounds into groundwater.

The latter, whereby wasted is converted into ash, gas and heat, can be effective for the destruction of some types of hazardous waste at high temperatures, and the heat can generate energy, but environmentalists also raise concerns about the issue of dioxin, furan, and other toxic residues.

Both solutions require a large amount of land, unsightly impact on the local landscape, increased local traffic, and significant energy requirements.

So Clean6 designed a solution from the ground up that ignored all the rules… And developed a solution that was inspired by the aeronautic industry.

The Clean6 incinerator is the first in the world to lay flat. With British engineering expertise, the horizontal design has created a cyclone that can be extinguished with the flick of a switch, incinerates waste at temperatures up to 1,700 degrees Celsius (without ever becoming too hot to touch on the outside) and is easily transportable.

The Vortex converts biogenic and organic fuel types into energy, with extremely low gaseous emissions and near-zero fly ash. Because the Vortex operates at temperatures between 1,100 and 1,700 degrees, and instantly volatilises injected fuel particles, there is near-zero residue in the combustion chamber, and no production of dioxins or furans in the cooling process.

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